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you are my sunshiiiiiine


I’ve decided on a life that has taken me too long to discover. It’s a path that will distance myself from my religion and family, But am willing to take because of it’s importance to me. It will force me to move across the country, but that’s a place I’ve wanted to live for as long as I could remember. And it will also take time and patience. But it’s a life that will make me happy and I know that because it’s been what has made me happy all along. It is a place where I am not afraid to be me, afraid to show my creative side to write a song, write a show, or even a book. That world is where I know I belong. But the support I might get will not be a lot and the whole idea will not be encouraged. And with no help, I don’t know where to begin. I want it so desperately that I can’t think straight enough to start. And the fact that I will be doing this alone scares me to death. I need guidance, and I need encouragement. But after my gap year, I will move to California, I will go to college, I will find an internship, and I will find my place. And it will be the best decision because that is the only life I see myself living.